Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I test drive the car?

You can reach out to the seller directly and ask for a test drive or
alternatively you can reach out to a Carsmandi representative and he/she
will help coordinate for the test drive.

2. How do I know these are genuine sellers?

All sellers on Carsmandi have been authenticated by Carsmandi. Carsmandi
ensures that the quality of the sellers are best in class and is constantly
in touch with them.

3. How do I get financing for the car?

For any financing needs, the buyer can contact a Carsmandi representative.
Carsmandi will find the most suitable lender (Bank or Non Banking Financial
Company) basis the buyers requirement.

4. How do I get insurance for the car that has no insurance?

For car insurance, the buyer can contact a Carsmandi representative.
Carsmandi will offer the available insurance options, basis the buyers

5. Does Carsmandi Help with the registration process?

The car registration is taken care by the seller directly and Carsmandi has
no role to play in it.

6. How do I know whether the car is accidental or not?

Basis vast market knowledge Carsmandi has selected the sellers and hence the
seller is of repute and pedigree. The buyer should still check the car as
per his comfort and then only purchase it from the seller.

1. How can I sell my car?

Sellers can list their cars on Carsmandi by signing up for the services.
Once Carsmandi approves the seller, the seller will start to benefit from
the marketing activities that is conducted by Carsmandi.

2. How long will it take to see my car on site?

Once Carsmandi has done the KYC and approved the seller, the seller can
upload his cars on Carsmandi marketplace. The cars will reflect on the
marketplace within 24 hrs.

3. What if my listing is not approved?

Carsmandi reserves all right to approve the sellers. Once approved the
seller can list all his cars on the Carsmandi marketplace.

4. My car is sold and the listing is still on the site. What is the process
of removing the car?

Carsmandi representatives are constantly in touch with the sellers and hence
if any listed cars are sold they are removed within 24hrs. The seller has
the access to remove the cars once sold.

5. Will I get notified about my car listing?

Sellers get a notification once their car listing is uploaded.

6. How long does it take for my car to get sold?

The sale period of the car depends on the demand of the car. Basis the
variant, colour, pricing etc a buyer will show interest.

7. Do I pay something to get my car on the site?

The marketing fee that a seller needs to pay is variable in nature and
depends on various parameters, such as number of cars and period of listing.
The marketing fee is subject to change, to know more about the marketing fee
request you to contact a Carsmandi representative.

8. For how long will the listing appear on the site?

Time period of listing of the car is defined basis the marketing fee plan
that a seller chooses. The longer the plan the more beneficial for the
seller, as he will be able to generate more leads over a period of time.

9. I forgot my account password, what should I do?

In case the seller forgets the login details, he can opt for forget password
or alternatively contact a Carsmandi representative for help.

10. What is the listing process?

Carsmandi is a marketplace wherein the seller is given access to list his
cars on his own. In case the seller faces any issues or wants help in
listing his cars, he can reach out to a Carsmandi representative and he/she
will assist the seller to list his cars.

11. When can I expect to contact buyers?

Buyers will directly contact the seller basis their needs, also at times the
buyer will reach out to Carsmandi and Carsmandi representative will redirect
the lead to the appropriate seller.

12. What all documents have to be submitted to get the car listed?

Seller confirms to have all required documents of the cars in place before
listing any car on Carsmandi marketplace. He need not upload any documents,
but the onus of providing the same to buyer is with the seller.

13. What if my current insurance for the car has expired?

While listing the car, the seller should mention if the car is with or
without insurance.

14. How do I change the information that I have provided on my listing in

Carsmandi provides the seller with login credentials. The seller can list
and input all details by himself, in case any changes are required the same
can be done by the seller himself.

15. How many cars can I list on Carsmandi?

The seller can list as many cars as he wishes to, by taking a suitable
marketing plan from Carsmandi.