Warranty & Services

Terms and Conditions of Extended warranty on Pre-owned vehicles sold by Carsmandi.


The Vehicle

Means Pre-owned vehicle, the details of which has been specified below

  • Registration No
  • Engine No
  • Chasis No
  • Car Model
  • Manufacturer
  • Odometer reading
  • Date of Delivery

The Owner

  • Owner of the vehicle
  • Name
  • Address
  • ID Proof 1
  • ID Proof 2
  • PAN
  • GST
  • Address Proof

Mechanical Breakdown

The unserviceability of a covered component for a reason other than – normal wear & tear or normal deterioration, non-adherence to maintenance schedule,negligence& misuse.

Extended Warranty for Engine

The Extended warranty is mechanical break-down warranty, designed to indemnify the owner from unforeseen costs of repairs or replacement of covered part/s in the Vehicle. We accept the responsibility of repairs/replacement only as per terms and condition as specified in this document.

Extended Warranty Period (EWP)

Extended Warranty operating Period (EWOP) for Pre-Owned vehicle for the period for 6 months/10,000 Km (whichever shall occur first) from the date and Odometer reading at the time of delivery of Pre-Owned vehicle.

Terms and Conditions


If any mechanical Breakdown occurs in the vehicle within the tenure of the Extended Warranty for parts covered under Extended Warranty as appearing in List of Parts Covered appearing in this document, Carsmandi 's obligation is only to repair or replace at its sole discretion, those part/s found to be defective, with a minimum part/s or its equivalent at no cost to the owner for parts or labour. The owner shall repair or replace the parts that are not covered by the extended warranty program, at his own expenses.


Extended warranty shall commence immediately on the delivery of the Pre-owned vehicle by.

  • The Extended warranty is null and void in case of change of ownership.
  • The extended warranty has no cancellation value. Carsmandi shall not be liable to return any charges to the owner in the event that this Extended Warranty is invalidated or if cover is no longer required.
  • Carsmandi reserves the right to specify use of reconditioned, warranted (for 6 months), or exchange components when appropriate.
  • All repairs must be carried out by a Dealer/ Authorised of the manufacturer or workshop of Carsmandionly . No repairs may be undertaken or commenced under the terms of the extended warranty without informing dealer/ Authorized repairer at least verbally.
  • If, after the vehicle has been presented for repair and in respect thereof has been dismantled in part or in full, it is discovered that the fault is not covered or is specifically excluded by the extended warranty, the owner shall be liable to pay the dealer/Authorised repairer the cost of such dismantling and the costs of any repairs authorised or carried out on behalf of the owner.
  • The vehicle must be operated in accordance with the operating instructions in the owner's manual and must be regularly serviced at the correct time(s) and kilometer intervals as per maintenance schedule at any manufacturerauthorised dealer or Genxcar workshop.
  • No interest or penalty shall be applicable for sum payable under the Extended Warranty.
  • All disputes and/or differences arising between the parties out of or relating to the to the construction , meaning and operation or effect of this contract or the breach thereof shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of arbitration be held at Delhi.
  • Carsmandi is not liable to re-imburse/make payment for the expenses of the extended warranty to the owner or any third party. All repairs under this warranty will be done by Carsmandi at their workshop or authorised workshop of Carsmandionly.The warranty is NULL&VOID in case the owner undertakes repairs of the engine at his own will.
  • The terms and conditions of the Extended Warranty cannot be altered or amended by any person except in case of specific written endorsement by Carsmandi.
  • The Extended warranty does not cover towing charges or valet services or the providing of loaner vehicle.


  • Carsmandi will not accept any liability for any loss , damage or injury of whatsoever nature sustained by any person(s), property or vehicle(s), including the vehicle , caused by or arising out or of or in any way connected with motor vehicle accidents, fire, storm, flood theft, chemicals, contamination, environmental damage, explosion, fire, freezing, fuels, lightening, road hazards, vandalism, windstorm, tsunami or any other natural calamities, war, civil war, civil rebellion, invasion insurrection, hostilities, confiscation, nationalization or loss resulting from order of government or local authority, ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity malicious damage or any other loss, damage or liability not otherwise specifically covered.
  • The extended warranty does not apply to vehicles used for rental services, shuttles, delivery vehicles, driving school, emergency services, any kind of timed competition or race, or off road use.
  • No Cover will apply should the vehicle be used for any purpose for which it is not licensed or for which it was not originally purchased.
  • Carsmandi will not accept any liability for damage caused by missing any scheduled maintenance service, abuse or the continued use of the vehicles after any fault has become evident, or for consequential loss of a part not covered by the Extended Warranty.
  • Carsmandi will not accept any liability for damage caused by improper handling, dismantling, fittings, adjustments, alteration or modification not approved by Carsmandi, unless such alterations or modifications are approved by Carsmandi in writing.
  • Excluding all parts not manufactured by Carsmandi/ not warranted by Carsmandi for the parts supplied by others and body trim defects.
  • Carsmandi shall not be liable to make any payment in respect of the following:
    • Loss of the motor vehicle on account of burglary, theft etc.
    • Any breakdown of parts unless specified.
    • Any loss or damage to batteries, tyres and tubes by any case whatsoever
    • Any loss or damage to windshield and door/window glasses, paint, trim, trim and appearance items like bright finish material, decorative parts, decal etc.
    • Any loss and damage to upholstery, carpets/floor covering, seats and seat covers.
    • Any loss or damage to the items which are not part of the original vehicle.
    • Any loss resulting out of odometer disconnection, tempering or alteration.
    • Damage resulting out of owner not taking reasonable steps to safe guard the vehicle from loss or damage and to maintain it in efficient condition.
    • Any damage to body of the vehicle on account of cracks.
    • Any break down/ damage caused by any type of accident or any type of accident or any act of omission, which is will-full, un-lawful or negligent or fraudulent.
    • Legal liability for death or bodily injury or property damage other than components covered under master schedule of parts covered.
    • Consequential loss of any kind.
    • Vehicle repaired after accident, at workshops not authorized by Carsmandi.
  • Carsmandi shall not be liable to make any payment for damages arising from
    • Defect which is likely to have existed prior to commencement of the Extended Warranty.
    • Foreign matter entering the fuel or cooling system.
    • Grade of oil, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, or any additives not recommended by Carsmandi.
    • Any corrosion or damage due to corrosion.
    • All warranty expensed are covered only after vehicle reaches workshop.

In addition to above mentioned exclusions, given below is the list of items not covered under the Extended Warranty.

  •  Normal Maintenance services including without limitation, oil and fluid changes , wheel alignment, head light aiming, wheel balancing, tightening mountings, tyre rotation , tyre inflation, engine tuning , engine overhauls, clutch and brake setting, universal joints, clutch & brake overhaul, valve clearance setting, brushes kit and alternator brush kit , wiper motor brush kit, differential black lash setting, replacement & adjustments of belts.
  • Normal maintenance service items including without limitation, bulbs, fuses, battery, tyres, tubes, brake lining, internal parts of brake master cylinder and wheel cylinder, belts (other than timing belt), houses, filters, wiper blades, bushes, oil and coolants.
  • Any seal/gasket replaced /refitted as a part of periodic maintenance schedule.
  • Items having limited life like, clutch, brake liners and pads, struts, shock absorbers.
  • Interior trim, wheel rims, rubber parts, body & body parts, body mouldings, corrosion of body parts, glass, lenses, lock cylinder etc.
  • Any repair service required as a result of accident.
  • Exhaust system like catalytic converter, muffler.
  • Accessories.

 Owners Responsibility

  • The vehicle must have been serviced as per periodic maintenance from Carsmandi or manufacturer Authorised Dealers/ Service Centres, Service Points or Service Outlets.
  • Present Owner's Manual /Service Book to Carsmandi Dealer/ Authorised repairer while requesting inspection or attention.

Consequential Damage

Carsmandi has no responsibility for loss of the vehicle, time, inconvenience or any indirect consequential damage resulting from the vehicle not being available to the Owner because of any defect covered by the Extended Warranty.


Eligibility for claim under the Extended Warranty.

  • The vehicle must be within the coverage period of the Extended Warranty
  • Owner of the vehicle is responsible to produce all necessary documents / record to prove that the vehicle has been serviced and maintained at the prescribed interval as per the periodic maintenance schedule through Carsmandi Authorized Dealers / Service Centres.
  • The owner must produce the original Owner's Manual/ Service Book to Dealer / Authorised repairer.
  • All repairs will be done by Carsmandi or authorised workshop of Carsmandionly.No re-imbursements will be made to owner or third party for repairs done.

Procedure for making claim

In the event of occurrence of the break down during the extended Warranty Tenure, the Owner must,

  • Immediately take steps to minimize the extent of loss.
  • Depending on road worthiness of the vehicle, the Owner should arrange for the vehicle to be driven / towed to the nearest Carsmandi workshop at his own cost to effect repairs.
  • Authorized Carsmandi to establish the cause of break down by allowing him to dismantle the affected assembly of the vehicle.
  • Undertake to pay cost of dismantling and repairing the vehicle if the cause of the break down is not covered by the Extended Warranty.
  • Procedure service and maintenance records and bills to Carsmandi Dealer for Scrutiny.

Non Compliance of the above formalities may lead to refusal to accept the claim.